Thursday, September 30, 2010


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How could I do that?!

So I rushed to put two photo books together this weekend. I had plenty of time to make the one but I kept putting it off and the deadline was the 27th.

As I threw captions in on the pictures I realized that I couldn't remember my daughter's weight when she was born. My daughter. The only child I have given birth to. And I couldn't be 100%. So I put what was in my head, 7.14lbs and was going to check it later. Ahem. Cause I was so busy I couldn't ask hubby who was sitting right there in the living room or look upstairs in the Bub's room or hmmm I don't know go on my Blogger page which has the weight posted right there (which I have sinced removed and going to work on something different to post there). Nope. I didn't do any of those things. I left it on the page and submitted the book to be printed. Because of course I forgot to double check.

And totally forgot about it until tonight. So now my 8x8" hardcover book of my daughter's first 19 months will have her forever weighing in at 7.14lbs rather than 7.4lbs.


Can I just tell you how much I hate mistakes like that? Because like most mistakes it could have been easily avoided.

Not to mention I feel like the crappiest Mommy ever.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It feels like yesterday.

Monday marked the death anniversary of my Pop Pop. September 27, 2004 I got the phone call from my Mom. He had been in the hospital and it was just a matter of time.

It's funny the things we remember. A ring tone. A certain word.

I remember the ringtone of my cell phone that morning. In fact I deleted it because when I heard it I would cry. That phone is long gone, the memory is not.

I remember my Pop Pop saying, Yorkie Yorkie when he would see our little dog Ben. I can still hear him say it.

I remember him saying, "Pregnant, I'm not pregnant" from a commercial he saw and got the biggest kick out it.

I remember his soft hands.

I remember his thin silver hair.

My Mom bought a birthday card for him to give to me. He signed it before he died. I take it out every year and put it with my other cards.

I remember his corny jokes. What I would give to hear him tell me one more.

I remember the way he would order a pizza. It wasn't something we did often but I can still hear him say, "Get a Pie".

I remember playing Super Mario Bros. with him. Oh yes, and getting the extra lives on the one level. He loved it.

I remember eggrolls, raspberry jelly rings and going for ice cream.

I remember walking with him to the deli.

I wish he could have been there when Bart and I got married. Physically there.

I wish he could have held Nina in his arms. Just once. Just one moment.

I miss him so very much.

Love you Pop Pop.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Hop

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums
It's a rainy cold Monday morning in Jersey.
My 19 month old is still sleeping and we need to get to work.
Hop on over here and join the Monday Blog Hop.
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Later Lovebugs.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yes! It's Friday Again!

Not only can you make new friends and find new folks to read but TFFG has made it even more fun to participate in the blog hop.
Hop Til Ya Drop!

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*Note* If I started following you today, 9/24/2010 I found you through a variety of sites but the one that led me to you ultimately was the one posted above.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A huge piece of my heart

This darling 19 month old

Makes me happier than I could have ever imagined.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I got Swag

Day 129 of 365

A quick note about Swagbucks before I start my day.

I love Swagbucks. True their search engine leaves a bit to be desired but where else can I get PAID for just searching for things on the web.

Since I joined in late July I have already received $20.00 in Amazon e-cards, which have been used as quickly as I got them. I've also shopped with them a few times but I haven't gotten credit for that yet.
At this moment I have 307 Swagbucks, once I have 450 I can get another $5.00 Amazon E-Card. How great is that?

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Oh my goodness, it is 9:30 and the little one is still sleeping and we need to get to work. Yikes.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hop Hop Hop

I love these blog hops -- you find people you would never meet otherwise.

This is a new one I am checking out today.

Sippy Cups and Cloth Bums

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My baby is growing up

Day 127 of 365

On Friday my little girl turned 19 months.

There aren't enough words to describe the joy that she brings to her Daddy and I. I adore her and I can't imagine a life without her.

That being said...I am ridiculously excited to be going on a "date" with Hubby today while the Bub stays with Grandma. It's a bit overdue. The last time we went out for lunch or dinner without her is May 2009 for our anniversary. Yes, overdue indeed.

I've made a difficult decision to give up taking weekly pictures of the Bub after her second birthday. Since she was born I take a weekly photo of her on Tuesday (the day of the week she was born). And then another group of photos for her monthly birthday. I am going to continue taking the monthly photos.
This is where 3 photos would be if Blogger was working properly this morning. Sigh.
I will try again later.
Anyone know of different program to publish posts on Blogger? Seems this site is hit or miss and lately it is missing a bit more than I care to deal with.
Someone needs to take a nap, not me though because my hubby let my sleep in and I didn't get up til 9:30am. Oh happy days. I love cool mornings and a comfy bed.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog Hop and More!

Hop on over here and meet some new friends.

Sure glad it's Wednesday

Day 124 of 365
As soon as I typed the title I realized, oh wait it's Thursday! That was a pleasant surprise.

I really dislike Blogger right now. I started a blog the other day and I didn't have time to finish it so I saved it as a draft. This morning I had a few moments to finish it up and POOF! it is gone. Less than pleased, especially since I had a few images attached and placed already.


Oh well, here is a picture of the Bub and I at the park a few weeks ago. Tomorrow my precious little girl is 19 months old. Where does the time go?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Bits

Day 121 of 365

I am working on making my blog a little user friendly and actually easier for folks to follow and gain access to my business website should anyone be interested. Via The Blog Frog I got some insight to little things the site was missing. I still can't add a URL to the site that you can click on, even through the link button on Blogger. Weird, eh?

A few weeks ago (or at least it seems like a few but it could be as little as 2 or as many as 10 with my memory) I found a neat Blog Hop through MckMama's BF Community from The Frugal Free Gal. I love the thought of a place to go to meet new people. And she has some great freebies. I've already received two of the ones I signed up for. Yea for free stuff. If you have the time and like freebies you should stop on over.

I got a bunch of beads in today and I should be working on some pieces for my craft show next month but I'm just not in the mood to do so right now. One month 3 days to go - I can't wait.

The Bub turns 19 months on Friday. She just started saying "No" yesterday. It is going to get old quick I am sure but right now it's so darn adorable. Not quite as cute as when she says "grandma" or "thank you Mom" or "welcome Mom" but close.

I still need to do the dishes and I am waiting for the laundry to dry.

Hubby is watching a movie and the volume is annoying. Sigh. That is a whole other post for another day.

Later Lovebugs.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why I won't shop at Babies R Us anymore

Day 119 of 365

Last weekend we went to Toys "R" Us to find the Bub a new toy. We were hoping to find something Winnie the Pooh but that just didn't happen. There were almost no Winnie the Pooh toys. I did score some adorable play food which I may be more excited about than the little girl it was purchased for. While there I fell in love with the little play kitchens and told Bart I really wanted to get her one for Christmas.

Me being who I am went on line shortly after we got home and started researching them to check the reviews. Bollocks! One of the kitchens we saw was more than half off with great reviews. At under $30.00 I decided that although it wasn't the exact style I wanted it was too good to pass up. I called our local Babies "R" Us to see if they had any in stock so I could pick it up on the way to work the next morning. I was told they had 3 on the shelves and none in back. Score! Apparently hubby could tell I was excited and offered we go pick it up that evening after dinner. Double Score!! So after dinner we got the Bub ready for bed and piled into the car, got to BRU only to find out they were out of stock. I hate when people can't do their job, especially when it costs me my time and gas. They called another store and we were told there was one left and one hold for us.

Tuesday morning I called the store to confirm it was on hold and the price, just in case they put the newer version on hold in error and was told it was no longer on hold, it was restocked. What?! I was mad but more relieved that hubby didn't drive all the way to Union, NJ to pick something up that was no longer on hold.

I have no time for people that can't do their jobs right. I really can't stand incompitance. Not that there is ever a reason for it but this was so basic there should have been no problem. And the fact is that the local Toys "R" Us we were at earlier had them in stock and if BRU gave me the right info I could have called TRU and asked them to hold it. The only reason I called BRU was because it is on my way to work where the TRU is in the opposite direction.

I am less than thrilled with Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us. I can't stress to you the lack of quality customer service I received and the fact that no one even took a moment to apologize for the errors. I think that is what annoyed me more than anything. You or your fellow employee makes a mistake the least you can do is apologize. Sigh. I doubt I will be shopping at either of these stores any longer.

But there is a happy ending. Rather than getting a kitchen that didn't look exactly as I was hoping to save money Grandma found one that is a million times cuter and much more compact that others I was looking at. Woo Hoo! Nina is going to be a very lucky little girl.

The far less cute kitchen I almost bought to save money:

The adorable kitchen we are getting (no thanks to TRU/BRU):

I can't wait for us to play together.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Already?

109 of 365

My oh my where does the time go!? I can hardly believe that the month of August is over and September is here.

It isn't like it is a big deal for me yet. The Bub is not in school yet so there is no first day of school or back to school to prepare for. We don't vacation or frequent the beach so we aren't going to miss long days in the water and sand.

What it does make me think of is what is only a few short weeks away. The days are already getting shorter. Soon there will be no light left as we leave work. No extra time to sit outside and play when we get home. Then before I will even know it the less than fabulous road conditions will be here. Just the thought of it is enough to turn my happy day a bit gloomy. I don't like driving in the winter. Not one bit.

I need to enjoy the last days of summer. Appreciate the warm sun hitting our faces as we sit on the porch and look at the trees and birds, maybe spot an airplane. Fill up the water table a few more times and watch as the Bub gets soaked playing in it. Hubby and I with our wine glasses full relaxing outside as the baby sleeps.

I will enjoy the days that will surely go too fast.

Later Lovebugs.