Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why I won't shop at Babies R Us anymore

Day 119 of 365

Last weekend we went to Toys "R" Us to find the Bub a new toy. We were hoping to find something Winnie the Pooh but that just didn't happen. There were almost no Winnie the Pooh toys. I did score some adorable play food which I may be more excited about than the little girl it was purchased for. While there I fell in love with the little play kitchens and told Bart I really wanted to get her one for Christmas.

Me being who I am went on line shortly after we got home and started researching them to check the reviews. Bollocks! One of the kitchens we saw was more than half off with great reviews. At under $30.00 I decided that although it wasn't the exact style I wanted it was too good to pass up. I called our local Babies "R" Us to see if they had any in stock so I could pick it up on the way to work the next morning. I was told they had 3 on the shelves and none in back. Score! Apparently hubby could tell I was excited and offered we go pick it up that evening after dinner. Double Score!! So after dinner we got the Bub ready for bed and piled into the car, got to BRU only to find out they were out of stock. I hate when people can't do their job, especially when it costs me my time and gas. They called another store and we were told there was one left and one hold for us.

Tuesday morning I called the store to confirm it was on hold and the price, just in case they put the newer version on hold in error and was told it was no longer on hold, it was restocked. What?! I was mad but more relieved that hubby didn't drive all the way to Union, NJ to pick something up that was no longer on hold.

I have no time for people that can't do their jobs right. I really can't stand incompitance. Not that there is ever a reason for it but this was so basic there should have been no problem. And the fact is that the local Toys "R" Us we were at earlier had them in stock and if BRU gave me the right info I could have called TRU and asked them to hold it. The only reason I called BRU was because it is on my way to work where the TRU is in the opposite direction.

I am less than thrilled with Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us. I can't stress to you the lack of quality customer service I received and the fact that no one even took a moment to apologize for the errors. I think that is what annoyed me more than anything. You or your fellow employee makes a mistake the least you can do is apologize. Sigh. I doubt I will be shopping at either of these stores any longer.

But there is a happy ending. Rather than getting a kitchen that didn't look exactly as I was hoping to save money Grandma found one that is a million times cuter and much more compact that others I was looking at. Woo Hoo! Nina is going to be a very lucky little girl.

The far less cute kitchen I almost bought to save money:

The adorable kitchen we are getting (no thanks to TRU/BRU):

I can't wait for us to play together.

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