Monday, May 31, 2010


Day 17 of 365

So on this beautifully hot Memorial Day I decided to try a recipe for PB&J Muffins from a lovely fellow blogger:

For the record they are as good as they sound. Yum Yum Yummy. Thanks for the recipe!

After the Bub wakes up from her nap we are going to spend the day at my parent's house.

I need to work on a peace necklace while she sleeps to at least get one piece done this long weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!

Later Lovebugs.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sweating when it isn't even hot out.

Day 15 of 365

Since the Bub was about 3 months old I have been having problems with heart palpitations, sweating, dizzy spells and feeling faint. Sometimes they aren't bad and other times I swear I am going to drop dead on the spot because my heart is beating so damn fast. Just to be clear I never thought about dying so often as I do ever since this started. After a MRI, blood tests and Echocardiogram no doctor found anything wrong with me. So here I sit, supposedly healthy, with my heart racing and sweat dripping down my face.

While it is lingering around enough to make me feel "sick" it isn't one of the bad ones.

Yup, there is nothing wrong here folks. The doctors said so.


I have a head cold that isn't helping my mood and I'm exhausted, even more so now that my heart was going double time. Which is the other thing I hate about whatever is *not* wrong with me....after I have an attack or spell or whatever it is I am exhausted and don't have the energy to do normal everyday tasks/chores.

This weekend I need to design a basic business card to go with my jewerly. The Etsy site is ready to go and I bought a URL to go directly to it. I *need* to make a banner for my store but I STINK at Photoshop. Maybe I can find someone who would want a necklace in exchange for a 760x100 banner.

The Bub is sleeping, laundry is finally put away and I am going to work on a business card.

Later Lovebugs.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Staying awake so I don't die.

Day 13 of 365

The title of my blog is as accurate as I can be. My head is stuffed and my chest heavy, I feel like I can't breath when I lay down so I am staying awake. Not like I could fall asleep if I tried, my fear has the best of me. I honestly think I am going to just stop breathing if I lay down. Sigh.

My love affair with jewelry making is in full swing. I find myself looking at jewelry and saying Hey I could do that. Like my bracelet I wanted so badly after the Bub was born. We paid around $40 for it and now I realize that I could have made it myself. When I look at other pieces I find myself criticising the workmanship, especially on expensive pieces.

I made my first pair of earrings tonight. It was easy. I need to work on my technique being cleaner but I did it. And I think they are lovely.

I can't get enough information from the web, I am absorbing the how to tutorials and constantly looking for more. I want to learn and even more I want to create.

My Canon T1i has not been getting the attention it so rightfully deserves because of my new found love. I have so much to learn with the new camera, it takes amazing photos and I want to get the most out of it.

I ran out of beading wire tonight and the stuff I bought is too thick to double strand my necklace. Rookie mistake, luckily it wasn't that much money. Hopefully I can find the receipt or I can use it for something else.

I don't know if I will be able to sell anything but I am going to give it a whirl. I love creating jewelry. I love finishing a piece I envision and it works out even better than I thought.

Later Lovebugs.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Day 11 of 365

Today hubby and I celebrate our four year wedding anniversary.

I sat home with a cranky Bub, did laundry and dishes and ate cheese while Hubby went to a Mets game with a friend.

I have no complaints honestly. It was my idea for him to go today since it was the only day that he really could go.

We have been together nearly 10 years. I seriously love him more and more each and every day. Still after 10 years if we are apart I think about him constantly. He can still give me butterflies and he can make my laugh til I cry...or pee my pants. :P

Happy 4 Years Govna. I love you!

Here is to the rest of an amazing journey together.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

Day 9 of 365

This weekend flew.

Bart and I both went to the chiropractor on Saturday. I am only going once a month to keep my migraines at bay and Bart is trying to get himself feeling better after tripping over the baby gate. I still say it's because of soccer.

Then we went to New Hope, PA. It was a trip both of us were really looking forward to for the last few weeks. It was pretty disappointing. A few of the stores we always enjoy going to seemed to be gone, some downsized. One thing that seemed to be alive and well was the restaurant scene, more than enough to go around. Rather than eating at one of the overpriced, outdoor quaint places we decided to drive back to Jersey and go to a chain restaurant. Mainly because I personally didn't feel like being outside since I never cooled down from being in The Christmas Shoppe. Kudos to me, I managed to walk out of there without a nativity scene that would have taken up our whole credenza or the Father Christmas from Poland that was gorgeous.

Armed with a flurry of gift cards we were going to go to either Olive Garden or TGI Fridays. We haven't been to Olive Garden in years so we opted to go there. We sat down, ordered food, berry Sangria at my fingertips and a warm breadstick in hand. And then on my way back from the bathroom it all went down hill. Nina was off the charts. Nothing would make her happy. A couple of dirty looks from the large group across from us celebrating a communion made me cringe. Our nice lunch out wasn't going to happen. I downed my Sangria, scooped up the Bub, grabbed the diaper bag and told Bart to get it to go and make sure to get the salad and breadsticks too.

Sigh. I guess this is parenthood.

My shining moment was telling Bart that the Bub was a bratty whore. Yea. I'm sure he was thrilled with both of us having temper tantrums.

The kicker was that as soon as I put Nina in her carseat she was happy as could be. I was not amused. And my takeout Olive Garden was not nearly as good as it would have been if I got to eat it AT OLIVE GARDEN. And you know what, the croutons in the salad were soggy by the time we got home.

Sunday was better but my darling 15 month old is still not quite herself.

Monday, I really don't want you to come but I don't think I have a choice.

Later Lovebugs.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This and that

Day 6 of 365

The Bub's fever is gone. She is still cranky. But at least she is starting to feel better.

I actually had a lot to say in this post but when I sat down to right it my inspiration was gone.

It was a less than fabulous day at work and a worst evening at home.

Waiting for things to look up but that day never seems to come.

Later Lovebugs.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 5 of 365

Yesterday was a hectic and funky day. Nina is still sick and daddy stayed home with her and took her to the doctor.

Right now she is taking everything out of the cabinet one at a time and handing it to me, saying Here you go. So cute.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy 15 Months

Day 3

Happy 15 months Nina! My baby girl turned 15 months today. There were no pictures today because she had a really rough day. She had a fever and is teething very very badly. Luckily I took pictures this weekend for her 15 months photo so I am happy about that.

Tomorrow Daddy is taking her to her 15 month well baby visit.

The Bub has an incredible sense of humor that seems to continue to get even more entertaining. She is walking and standing and talking up a storm. She still likes to hold hands while walking but I know those days are numbered. The cutest things she says right now are "Here you go" and "I a big girl". Seriously it is one of the most adorable things I have ever heard. It would be the MOST adorable but hearing her say Mama, Dada, Grandma and Grandpa (the last two sound the same), Aunt Jen and Uncle Chris (only says the name not Aunt or Uncle) definately trump those.

So far we have started working on the front porch to make it look nicer and I listed one of several things on Craigslist to get out of the garage. We will get done eventually.

Time to get ready for bed.

Later Lovebugs.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 of 365

Yesterday was a really nice day. We went shopping, out to lunch, stopped by my Mom's and took some pictures and then my Mom watched the Bub while Bart and I went to do our weekly Target run. After we got home and got the Bub down for the night Bart and I sat outside, each with a glass of wine and just talked and relaxed.

It was a pretty great day.

This morning I decided to tackle a necklace I wanted to make. I finished beading it but then I cut one of the two wire strands while trying to finish the clasp. Gah. So mad. I wanted to make it a double strand necklace and I didn't really have the right clasp anyway so maybe it is just as well.

I certainly understand why the folks that sell jewerly online charge so much. Supplies, especially the good stuff, are so expensive. Nevermind the time it takes to create the items. While I am testing out the water I haven't purchased any high quality beads or clasps but even wholesale the stuff ain't cheap.

It is a lot of fun and I enjoy it so far. Next thing I am going to learn is how to make earrings. Woo. I may or may not tackle that sooner than later. I think it may be easier than finishing off these darn clasps.

Later Lovebugs.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 of 365.

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and while hubby is watching soccer and Nina is playing I figured I would post my first post of a one year "project".

My Dad is in MA visiting his mother. She fell and was in the hospital early this week and he needs to make sure everything is okay.

I want to get the house a bit more organized. The house and garage are a mess so my goal is to tackle a little bit at a time in the garage so that we can make room in there and move some of the stuff in the house out there.

There are a few things I want to learn to do so I am taking small steps to teach myself. One is jewerly making (basic stuff like beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings) and the other is photography. I've been wanting to try jewerly making for years now, probably 5+ years but I never let myself try it. But recently I've been seeing more and more people do it and I figured what am I waiting for. If I get any good at it I will try an Etsy site, if not I will have some fun pieces for myself. It is a win win.

A basket of laundry is waiting for me.

Later Lovebugs.