Thursday, May 27, 2010

Staying awake so I don't die.

Day 13 of 365

The title of my blog is as accurate as I can be. My head is stuffed and my chest heavy, I feel like I can't breath when I lay down so I am staying awake. Not like I could fall asleep if I tried, my fear has the best of me. I honestly think I am going to just stop breathing if I lay down. Sigh.

My love affair with jewelry making is in full swing. I find myself looking at jewelry and saying Hey I could do that. Like my bracelet I wanted so badly after the Bub was born. We paid around $40 for it and now I realize that I could have made it myself. When I look at other pieces I find myself criticising the workmanship, especially on expensive pieces.

I made my first pair of earrings tonight. It was easy. I need to work on my technique being cleaner but I did it. And I think they are lovely.

I can't get enough information from the web, I am absorbing the how to tutorials and constantly looking for more. I want to learn and even more I want to create.

My Canon T1i has not been getting the attention it so rightfully deserves because of my new found love. I have so much to learn with the new camera, it takes amazing photos and I want to get the most out of it.

I ran out of beading wire tonight and the stuff I bought is too thick to double strand my necklace. Rookie mistake, luckily it wasn't that much money. Hopefully I can find the receipt or I can use it for something else.

I don't know if I will be able to sell anything but I am going to give it a whirl. I love creating jewelry. I love finishing a piece I envision and it works out even better than I thought.

Later Lovebugs.

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  1. are you going to be taking requests?? hint hint :)