Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sweating when it isn't even hot out.

Day 15 of 365

Since the Bub was about 3 months old I have been having problems with heart palpitations, sweating, dizzy spells and feeling faint. Sometimes they aren't bad and other times I swear I am going to drop dead on the spot because my heart is beating so damn fast. Just to be clear I never thought about dying so often as I do ever since this started. After a MRI, blood tests and Echocardiogram no doctor found anything wrong with me. So here I sit, supposedly healthy, with my heart racing and sweat dripping down my face.

While it is lingering around enough to make me feel "sick" it isn't one of the bad ones.

Yup, there is nothing wrong here folks. The doctors said so.


I have a head cold that isn't helping my mood and I'm exhausted, even more so now that my heart was going double time. Which is the other thing I hate about whatever is *not* wrong with me....after I have an attack or spell or whatever it is I am exhausted and don't have the energy to do normal everyday tasks/chores.

This weekend I need to design a basic business card to go with my jewerly. The Etsy site is ready to go and I bought a URL to go directly to it. I *need* to make a banner for my store but I STINK at Photoshop. Maybe I can find someone who would want a necklace in exchange for a 760x100 banner.

The Bub is sleeping, laundry is finally put away and I am going to work on a business card.

Later Lovebugs.


  1. hm. clearly if I stopped by here more often I would have known what the facebook pictures were for :)

  2. oh! totally forgot - I have this problem too. racing heart wakes me up at night sometimes. I've never mentioned it to the doctor (I know..I know..) but I am on high BP medication