Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 of 365

Yesterday was a really nice day. We went shopping, out to lunch, stopped by my Mom's and took some pictures and then my Mom watched the Bub while Bart and I went to do our weekly Target run. After we got home and got the Bub down for the night Bart and I sat outside, each with a glass of wine and just talked and relaxed.

It was a pretty great day.

This morning I decided to tackle a necklace I wanted to make. I finished beading it but then I cut one of the two wire strands while trying to finish the clasp. Gah. So mad. I wanted to make it a double strand necklace and I didn't really have the right clasp anyway so maybe it is just as well.

I certainly understand why the folks that sell jewerly online charge so much. Supplies, especially the good stuff, are so expensive. Nevermind the time it takes to create the items. While I am testing out the water I haven't purchased any high quality beads or clasps but even wholesale the stuff ain't cheap.

It is a lot of fun and I enjoy it so far. Next thing I am going to learn is how to make earrings. Woo. I may or may not tackle that sooner than later. I think it may be easier than finishing off these darn clasps.

Later Lovebugs.

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