Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Already?

109 of 365

My oh my where does the time go!? I can hardly believe that the month of August is over and September is here.

It isn't like it is a big deal for me yet. The Bub is not in school yet so there is no first day of school or back to school to prepare for. We don't vacation or frequent the beach so we aren't going to miss long days in the water and sand.

What it does make me think of is what is only a few short weeks away. The days are already getting shorter. Soon there will be no light left as we leave work. No extra time to sit outside and play when we get home. Then before I will even know it the less than fabulous road conditions will be here. Just the thought of it is enough to turn my happy day a bit gloomy. I don't like driving in the winter. Not one bit.

I need to enjoy the last days of summer. Appreciate the warm sun hitting our faces as we sit on the porch and look at the trees and birds, maybe spot an airplane. Fill up the water table a few more times and watch as the Bub gets soaked playing in it. Hubby and I with our wine glasses full relaxing outside as the baby sleeps.

I will enjoy the days that will surely go too fast.

Later Lovebugs.

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  1. You're rubbing salt to my Summer is over wounds! I becoem an indoor girl during the winter months, I'm already feeling the shrivel!