Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crash and Burn

Day 99 of 365

With Bart at a hunting course I was at the house alone with the Bub for the morning and possibly early afternoon.

The morning started off good, we shared a bowl of cereal, which was more amazing than the commercials make it look, and we are tackling the juice box. 18 months is a little young to be using a juice box but SOMEONE is on sippy cup strike since the bottle has left the picture completely almost 3 days ago. So juice boxes and a cup of milk with a straw it is. And I guess it really isn't too young, she gets cause and effect so hopefully if I have a moment I am not holding the box she won't always squeeze it and make a mess.

After breakfast I got dressed and asked the Bub if she wanted to go for a walk. Yea yeayeayea and a big smile was my response. Score another point for Mom, this day is going great! Dressed the Bub, let her pick out her sneakers, grabbed a few tissues for her running nose and threw my camera around my neck. We were off.

Three steps out the door she wanted me to pick her up. Uh oh, this should have been my sign she wasn't in the mood to go for a walk but I ignored it. Instead I carried her for a little bit and then she saw a dog and she did a 180....happy, pointing, imitating a dog by barking and panting. It was an adorable and friendly dog so as the owner come toward us I asked if she could say hi. We both got a puppy kiss and got to pet the soft furry love. Then we started walking to the park. We were on track again, a couple minutes later we were at the park. Enter sign two I should have quit while I was slightly ahead. Bub does not want to go on the swing. Not. At. All. I give her a moment and we try again. I let her hold something of mine and then she went into the swing. Seemed ok for a moment and then started crying. Took her out. Wanted to go on the slide so I tried holding her down the slide and started crying. Let her stand and walk around and then the screaming started. FAB U LOUS. I love being outside with a kid having a tantrum and not able to find anything to calm her. I walked away from her a foot or so and ignored the behavior. A few moments later she stopped crying. Still trying to hold onto an image of a fun time together and not taking the hit after strike three I asked her if she wanted to sit on the bench with me and look for birds, an activity she loves normally. And she is unhappy again. After this I took my cue, gave up my hopes and carried her home. Anyone with kids just saw a typical toddler and defeated parent walking home, anyone else may have thought I was kidnapping her the way she was carrying on with the crying, tears and already red eyes and runny nose.

We had some juice, read a story and now she is playing with her talking Elmo. I am thankful for the background noise of Elmo and The Backyardigans minus a screaming 18 month old.

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  1. I hate the looks you get when you're the parent with the screaming kid. It's like "hello?! did you not ever have kids?!" but, I'm pretty sure the ones that look at you with "that look" have NOT had kids but still think they could do it better