Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It feels like yesterday.

Monday marked the death anniversary of my Pop Pop. September 27, 2004 I got the phone call from my Mom. He had been in the hospital and it was just a matter of time.

It's funny the things we remember. A ring tone. A certain word.

I remember the ringtone of my cell phone that morning. In fact I deleted it because when I heard it I would cry. That phone is long gone, the memory is not.

I remember my Pop Pop saying, Yorkie Yorkie when he would see our little dog Ben. I can still hear him say it.

I remember him saying, "Pregnant, I'm not pregnant" from a commercial he saw and got the biggest kick out it.

I remember his soft hands.

I remember his thin silver hair.

My Mom bought a birthday card for him to give to me. He signed it before he died. I take it out every year and put it with my other cards.

I remember his corny jokes. What I would give to hear him tell me one more.

I remember the way he would order a pizza. It wasn't something we did often but I can still hear him say, "Get a Pie".

I remember playing Super Mario Bros. with him. Oh yes, and getting the extra lives on the one level. He loved it.

I remember eggrolls, raspberry jelly rings and going for ice cream.

I remember walking with him to the deli.

I wish he could have been there when Bart and I got married. Physically there.

I wish he could have held Nina in his arms. Just once. Just one moment.

I miss him so very much.

Love you Pop Pop.


  1. I am all choked up after reading this so much so that I really don't know what I should write except but I know what might help .. here's a big * hug * for you for being a strong daughter !!
    Tk care :)

  2. What sweet memories!! Thanks for sharing things so near and dear to your heart. Way to go for writing them down. Precious!! Now following!!