Wednesday, July 28, 2010

View from here Wednesday and Random Thoughts

Day 75 of 365

View from here Wednesday:

The Bub starting to love books. :)

Random Thoughts:
  • I am one pound away from reaching my first goal of 20lbs. I've been stuck for a while now. I tell myself I will go outside and get some exercise as soon as it is cooler outside and I feel well. Pigs might fly before that happens.
  • Since the Bub was born I have been taking a weekly photo of her. I told myself I would take the photo and then write down something about that week and scrapbook it. It didn't happen. I hate that I don't have the project done. And my memory fails me when I try to remember a certain date of smaller events, like the first time she was able to put the rings on her stacking ring toy. Or when she started saying "here you go" to hand us something. It was young, impressive in fact for such a young child to form a three word phrase, and I can't remember the day or even week or month it happened. Hopefully I have it jotted down somewhere. It isn't too late, she still has so much growing to do so I am going to start doing it again.
  • I don't miss cable. at all.
  • Facebook is quiet. Figures no one is around when I want to do my jewelry give away contest. TYPICAL!
  • Got the results of my blood tests back, my vitamin D levels are low. I started taking Vitamin D supplement yesterday. We shall see what happens. It's amazing how much is effected by vitamin deficiencies. Why these tests aren't common is beyond me. You should have heard the ladies trying to enter the codes for the test in the computer. One of them actually said that they were weird or odd (can't remember) tests.
  • Got my referrals for the cardiologist and neurologist in the mail Friday....still didn't make the appointments. I hate going to the doctor.
  • I downloaded a rotary phone app for my phone. My Bub thinks it's the funniest thing ever.
Later Lovebugs. Time to get the Bub ready so we can go to work.

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