Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Should have done this years ago

Day 66 of 365

Yesterday marked our official first full week without cable. For a moment I missed it and thought to myself what the hell did we just do, but I realized what I missed most was seeing the time and the noise. Two things fixed by putting the small radio back into the living room/dining room area. It also confirmed to me what I had thought for a while now. I didn't really watch most of the shows I put on, I left them on just for background noise. Background noise that I could get by playing a CD, DVD or putting on the radio rather than having a ridiculously hot piece of electronics sitting atop of my DVD player and costing me money every month.

We already use Netflix but now it is really getting a workout, especially the watch instantly thanks to our handy dandy X-Box 360. I find myself actually watching programs when I have the time. The Backyardigans are available for the Bub on the watch instantly so they are in queue at all times along with a Yo Gabba Gabba DVD.

I may have a different opinion in the winter when I am snowed in the house with a toddler bouncing off the walls. But that is many months from now. For now I will enjoy watching a program I actually want to watch on my own time and saving a butt load of money.

Later Lovebugs.

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