Thursday, June 24, 2010

Umm yea

Day 40 of 365

So while I write this blog for myself my original plan was to try to find some new folks out there to connect with. But I realized today that I don't tell anyone about this blog, including my husband. And I certainly haven't posted it any place like Twitter or Facebook so who the heck is going to read it. I find myself too busy to read through many blogs these days.

So why even have the blog public when I could just post it privately someplace else?

Honestly I'm not sure.

I'm tired.

It's day 4 of 14 of my ban of diet soda. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it.

I am massively disappointed in the jewelry supply company I ordered some goods from. They shipped me the wrong item and I have yet to receive the correct one. It's holding up my entire custom piece. If I don't get it by tomorrow I may have to look for another place to order from. If they make it right and I have the weekend to work on it then I will give them another chance. They have no idea how much money they stand to lose if they don't take care of me...seriously.

Later Lovebugs...tomorrow I will post about my trip with Ambien.

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