Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Night Fail

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As I sit at the computer playing Pogo I can't help but think of the many other things I need to do.

I could be finishing my Christmas shopping online, wrapping presents, baking, making new jewelry to put on Etsy and Artfire or hooking up the Silhoutte again and try to create a banner for the Bub's 2nd birthday. (Mind you her birthday isn't until February but I know myself.)

Am I doing any of those things? Nope. I'm playing Hog Heaven. And what may be worst..ahem pathetic I should say..I am trying to reach rank 50. For the second time. Yea. I should be ashamed. And I am. A little. But not enough to not just spin and pop 3 piggies.

I have 2 necklaces in mind and rather than working on them I simply took out the two beads I realized may work together, saw that they would and promptly put them away.

The Silouhette sits next to the table in it's box. NOT hooked up and cutting lovely thick and colorful cardstock.

I did however get the dished done and the laundry folded and put away (cept for the Bub's cause she is sleeping) and I washed the floors.

I could layout the necklace as soon as I hit publish post. But I'm just 1769 piggies away from ranking out. I'll give you one guess as to which one is going to win my attention tonight.

~Kirs aka Nina's Mama


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  2. Thanks for stopping by Glad you can fit some fun in mommy life too. :-)