Thursday, November 18, 2010


Alternatively titled "Why it takes me 15-20 minutes longer to get home every day"

My daily commute is less than 30 miles but lately my 25-30 minute drive has been taking closer to 40-45 minutes. No one likes being stuck in traffic but for someone like me who hates driving to begin with after a long day and a tired toddler in the back seat and "Six Little Ducks" playing for the 9034th time I'm ready to scream. Sometimes I do. And when I do I have a 30lb mini cheerleader behind me. I'm sure there is some damage that will later surface because of this.

There are just too many people on the darn roads I travel. But there has always been a lot of traffic driving the route I take every day. Heck the roads are crowded even off peak travel times. Here are a few reasons that my drive home is sucking a little bit more each day.

a) Slow pokes and left lane dicks. If the speed limit is 65 people are driving 50, if it's 45 they do 30. Seriously this has become a real problem. I just don't think people care about the speed limit and the fact that some people have lives and want to get from Point A to Point B in a timely fashion. Every day I drive to or from work I am behind someone doing at least 10MPH less than the speed limit. It's painful. And for those of you that sit in the left lane not allowing anyone behind you to pass the even SLOWER traffic to the right of you, well you suck.

b) If I can't go no one can. Yup this is another special group of people that will block the lanes of traffic so when the light changes the people waiting to go straight or turn left can not. So we sit at a green light waiting for you to unblock the road so two cars can make it through and the rest of us get stuck waiting for the next light cycle.

c) I don't know where I am! GPS is an amazing piece of technology. If you are like me and stink at finding places you need to get yourself one. I have a Tom Tom and it has yet to misdirect me. Ahem, this means NOT stopping in the middle of the road while you try to figure out where you are. Also not coming to a complete stop at EACH AND EVERY street sign in the middle of the road. If you won't get a GPS won't you please consider pulling over to allow the traffic that has built up behind you pass while you figure out where it is you are going.

d) The drivers I see and I say to myself, "Wow you must be on some heavy medication". These are the folks that just come right out in front of you and then never get up to speed. The folks that drive on the dotted line which is intended to be two lanes. The ones go directly in front of a big truck on the highway and then slam on their brakes almost causing an accident. The swervers who can't seem to stay in a lane and come too close to half the cars they pass. And the ones that drive on the wrong side of the road and seem annoyed when someone honks at them. Do us all a favor and just get off the road. You are going to get yourself killed, or worse someone else.

The last few weeks have been especially bad. I gotta tell you I feel better venting. I'm sure my hubby is quite tired of hearing me complain about my drive home and some moron that did 30 in the fast lane.

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