Friday, August 13, 2010


Day 91 of 365

I have no patience. I am trying. I am searching. But it is hard.

I still have not heard back from the craft show about my participation. It's driving me nuts because the way the woman sounded when I spoke to her it wouldn't be a problem. Now I'm waiting to see if I'm "accepted". Gah. I want to call/email her and see what's going on but I am trying to be patient. Trying to wait and allow her the time to get back to me on her own.

My beautiful daughter who is full swing into the terrible twos, four days prior to her 18 month birthday. Like laying on the floor tantrums, screaming and nothing I can do to make it go away but ignore it. I want to yell at her, to pick her up and put her in her crib but I know I can not.

I'm getting better, but I have a long way to go. Especially when it comes to patience on the road.

Later Lovebugs.


  1. Hi,
    I know exactly what you mean about patience! I wasn't born with any. I am in a similar situation. I applied to be a mom blogger and have been getting no where with this one site. I really want this paticular site but it just doesn't seem to be happening. I have just decided to let it be. If it doesn't happen something more suitable will. That kind of thinking keeps me encouraged. Hope your patience improves (I hope mine does too).

  2. I hear ya, girl! Mine will be 2 next month. She stopped throwing fits for the most part because I just ignore them--always have and it works quite well. We have had a BUSY play day today and I run out of ideas sometimes! Maybe to the park this afternoon? Have a great weekend and hang in there. We all know that at the end of the day when we peek at them while they are sleeping that it is ALL worth it :) Thanks for linking up today!

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for following my blog :)
    Your baby is adorable!
    I know how it is...this too shall pass. There are days when you feel like it won't, but it will!
    Hope you have a blessed weekend :)

  4. Girl, I hate to tell ya but it doesn't get any better any time soon!! Mine is 4 and still has tantrums that rival....I don't even know!!!
    Ignoring is the best thing, I think!