Sunday, June 6, 2010

Coming Clean

Day 23 of 365

So on this warm Sunday morning the baby is still sleeping after not sleeping well at night and SHOCKER I am awake when I could still be asleep. Sigh.

Bart and I have lived together since 2004. It took me nearly that long to realize that when cleaning the house there is nothing as good as the basics, a can of Comet, Windex, mop and sponge...stuff like that.

I've tried a ton of "short cut" products and the one that really woke me up was the Swiffer Wetjet floor mop. I had used the products since we moved into the house in 2008and it seemed to get things clean. I ran out of cleaner for it so I decided to use my good old fashion mop and Ajax floor cleaner. The results were shocking, you should have seen the water. After I picked my jaw up off of the floor it proceeded to fall down again when I walked on the dry floor. It felt different. Clean.

I was amazed at the difference. And also more than a little grossed out.

So when all of the cleaning stuff I currently have is finished I am not replacing it with any trendy new stuff. My $.97 can of cleaner does as good of a job in the bathroom than anything else I've tried. In fact I think it makes my toilet even cleaner.

I do however like the disinfecting cleaning wipes for small messes and in between weekly cleaning.

1 comment:

  1. nothing better than good old fashioned ajax!!
    our swiffer wetjet is garbage. Although I did buy the shark steam mop, which does an ok job I guess